Iron Ore Heritage Trail

The Iron Ore Heritage Trail is a 47-mile pathway that provides a glimpse into the rich history and natural landscapes of Marquette County. There are ten trailheads that provide convenient access to the trail. The trail is a testament to the region's mining heritage and offers opportunities for outdoor recreation and exploration. 

Three women biking on the paved IOHT surrounded by beautiful fall foliage and rock cuts

The Iron Ore Heritage Trail follows the footsteps of early miners and pioneers who played a crucial role in shaping the development of Marquette County. Visitors can discover remnants of the iron mining industry, including historic sites, interpretive signage, and preserved artifacts.

A snowmobiler on the groomed IOHT near Negaunee, MI

Apart from its historical significance, the Iron Ore Heritage Trail showcases the diverse natural beauty of Marquette County. Trail users can enjoy scenic views of forests, waterways, and rolling hillsides. The IOHT offers opportunities for hiking, biking, birding, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and ORVing.





Respect Marquette County

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