Welcome to the Travel Marquette Event Sponsorship application!

We have recently reworked our event sponsorship program and now offer two submission windows to consider your event each year. The next available submission deadline is April 1st, 2024 with a response by the end of April. The following window will be October 14th, 2024, we will respond to you by the middle of November.

Please understand our primary reason for sponsorships of events is to book hotel rooms–because that is how we are funded. We have three categories–Seed Money, which is used to start new events in their first 3 years; Special Contributions, which are used to support legacy events that bring in a large number of overnight stays or the event may want to take it to the next level by offering enhancements that make the event larger or add another day; Community Superstars, this a small category with a low sponsorship threshold, but these are events that might need a smaller amount of funding and might not fit in the first two categories but are important events to the community.

The process for consideration is as follows:

The board reviews each application and bases their decisions on the information you provide, so please be thorough in your responses. Basics like name, date and location of the event, along with a description of the event you would like on our website are required. Other questions like the number of years the event has been held, how many years has Travel Marquette sponsored the event and how much are you requesting versus the projected cost of the event. Other Information you will be asked to provide is how many people attended the previous year and how many people do you expect for the upcoming event? How many are out-of-county/ in-county attendees? How does your event benefit visitors? These key questions are heavily weighted in the determination process for sponsorship. 

You will also be asked questions about budget, finance, and marketing. What is the projected cost of the event? How much will you spend on the various expenses and do you have a budget and other sources of funding? We’d also like to know what we will receive for our sponsorship.

Finally, we ask that you report event statistics within 90 days of the event’s completion so we can gauge the success of the event and the investment in our funding of your event. If you need assistance, we are happy to help create an event survey.

If you have any questions you can call 906-228-7749 and ask for Susan Estler or email to Susan@labeauteinstitut.com


Please fill out and submit the Google Form below. If you would prefer to print this form and return it to us in person, you can download it by clicking here.